Screening & Selection: Ensuring a Trusted Workforce

In the domain of personnel screening and selection, Guardian Defense Group is distinct from all other companies. While there is a growing number of players in this space, Guardian is the only company born from a fusion of real-world operational expertise and professionals within the psychological and personnel sciences. Matured and tested on a global stage, Guardian has the unique ability to conceptualize, design and execute screening and selection protocols to provide decision makers with nuanced insights to shape a talented and trusted workforce. Unlike other companies, we don’t just ask if a candidate is a potential good fit at the time of selection, but we ask if they will still be a potential good fit at five, ten and twenty years down the line. Employing established insider threat models with personality assessment tools, we assess for the destructive predispositions that have the potential to erode trust when life and organizational stressors increase. In short, our goal is not only to find those candidates who have the skills to do the job, but also those that have the constitutional resilience to remain a valued asset over time.

These assessment and selection programs can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization or mission set. The psychologists begin the assessment and selection process by meeting with key personnel to determine the variables of success for the specific position. In addition to the specific variables determined by leadership, GDG psychologists routinely assess candidate history, lifestyle, personality, stress tolerance, cognitive flexibility, motivation, intellect, cultural fluency and ability to smoothly cross social strata to achieve operational objectives. For more information on GDG Assessment and Selection support services, please contact: info@gdg.us


Support to Information Operations

Empowered with decades of experience across tactical, operational, and strategic military Information Operations, Guardian maintains dedicated operational psychologist support to ongoing missions sets and relevant training functions. Guardian provides a unique approach to the exploitation of social media data that enables the direct and indirect support to global full-spectrum cyber and Information Operations.  We have provided dedicated support to the SOF community with IO/Cyber support to operators, psychologists, and analysts to better enhance their operational capabilities.  Our areas of expertise include, a social media, human intelligence operations, all-source analysis, and support to Key Leader Engagement. For more information on GDG Information Operations support, please contact: info@gdg.us


The Guardian Exceptional Character Assurance Program

Guardian has developed the Exceptional Character Assurance Program (ECAP) – a multi-tiered adaptive program designed to help SOF leadership assure that the organization consists of soldiers of the highest character. Current assessment and selection programs are excellent and do an outstanding job identifying candidates with the physical, mental and emotional prowess necessary to succeed in SOF.  Character, on the other hand, is harder to select, and is typically borne out through time and trial.  While only a small fraction of SOF soldiers lack the character necessary to meet SOF standards, the few can often cause significant damage the reputation and effectiveness of the entire organization.  Our experts possess the ability to quickly and accurately synthesize data from multiple sources, including assessment and selection data as well as data from developmental feedback to provide tailored character assurance analysis. For more information on our ECAP program, please contact: info@gdg.us

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