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Holistic Health Solutions for the Human Weapon System

Guardian recognizes the potential long-term impact of injuries, trauma, and stress upon the “human weapon system” and developed a responsive and interactive solution to address key challenges within this area – the Human Enterprise Longevity Individualized Optimization Solution (HELIOS). Understanding the psychological profile of a candidate can help guide and coach the candidate into their best fit. It can also help determine best fit for teams, areas of operation with cross-cultural smoothing and assessment.  The GDG team takes this information to enable tailored holistic fitness and health coaching for a candidate, focusing on specific characteristics like adaptability, resiliency, recovery, and longitudinal wellness. We understand that it is key to discern the personality types of candidates and how operating in the grey area will impact their own lives. Our goal is to establish rapport with target candidates, learn about their experiences, and try to intervene before poor coping mechanisms are established. These relationships enables GDG staff to advise the leadership stakeholders on possible ethical, or professional problems in the candidates’ behaviors that can help guide follow-on decisions and fitness for service. Our individualized wellness approach focuses on the intangible motivational levers that drive the candidate. These include concepts such as morality, values, motivations, beliefs, spirituality, work ethic, goals, etc. After synthesizing all available data, we develop a clear picture of who the candidate is, what made them who they are, how they comport themselves today and what drives the choices they make (giving us a window into what we can likely expect from them in the future).

Cognitive Science meets Leadership Excellence

Guardian Defense Group utilizes its deep operational and behavioral science expertise to offer a full suite of leadership development services. In collaboration with their clients, GDG will identify the best candidates for promotion, coach emerging and current leadership and train the next generation of leaders. Our staff includes doctoral level, certified coaching experts with real world leadership experience. While we operate across the leadership spectrum, our deepest expertise lies in high demand/ high risk, classified, and culturally complex leadership environments. Our capability areas include:

Leadership AssessmentGDG’s doctoral level experts provide full spectrum leadership and 360-degree assessment at all phases of leader identification and development. 

Leadership TrainingGDG assists with developing new leaders and honing the skill sets of experienced leaders. Our approach integrates exposure and instruction in leadership fundamentals, principles of leadership in high-risk environments, leading across cultures, leadership in times of change, and managing troubled and/or disgruntled employees

Coaching to maximize potential GDG utilizes expert coaches to assist individuals and teams with emerging leaders to fully develop potential, seasoned leaders to reach individual and corporate goals, troubled leaders to get back on track and teams to establish, repair and/or maintain cohesiveness and maximum efficiency.

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