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GDG brings a unique fusion of behavioral science, counterintelligence expertise and relevant real-world experience to the insider threat problem.

GDG’s team of insider threat experts hold a variety of clearances, have the highest credentials and have undergone the nation’s most rigorous vetting processes. These professionals have worked in military, federal law enforcement and the intelligence community. They are leaders and proven innovators who have served globally and personally worked on the nation’s most complex insider threat challenges.


In combating insider threat, you need to ensure you have a trusted workforce. GDG provides doctoral level psychologists who all hold current clearances and have extensive real world experience screening personnel for the nation’s most geo-politically sensitive, culturally complex and high risk missions. Our exceptionally skilled screening and selection experts will give you the ability to identify and select only the most qualified and trustworthy employees.

Selected Capabilities:

  • Tailored Screening and Selection program design
  • Full program consultation, implementation and validation
  • Expert staffing of existing selection programs including:
    • Goodness of Fit
    • Counterintelligence
    • Clearance / Special Mission
    • Screen In and Screen Out


You don’t have to deal with troubled employees alone. GDG offers an array of world class threat assessment experts who will help you determine the level of risk presented by your employees and advise you on effective, actionable mitigation strategies.

Direct / Indirect on-site and remote assessment of:

  • Insider Threat Risk
  • Violence Risk
  • Problematic or Unusual Behavior
  • Radicalization or Extremism Risk
  • Crisis Management


Preventing insider threat requires the ability to understand, predict and influence behavior. GDG brings its expert behavioral science insights to your organization, greatly increasing your ability to prevent malicious activity within your workplace. We consult / train at all levels of an organization from the strategic and policy level down to the individual employee.

Tailored Consultations and Training Include:

  • C-Suite / Command
  • Management
  • Employee
  • HR / EAP
  • Security
  • Insider Threat Team